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The Best Snacks to Eat at Night


There is some debate out there about whether it’s fine or terrible to eat late at night, but a general consensus might agree that it’s fine to eat a snack if necessary. You don’t want to plan all of your meals for right before bedtime if you can help it, but it’s also silly to go to bed starving because that will just end up disrupting your sleep. Anything that you eat should be capped at around 300 calories, since any calories that you don’t end up using are more likely to be stored as fat. That being said some snacks are better than others, and here are some of the best options.

Protein Shake

Protein should be the main event of any nighttime snack since it will fill you up without giving you too many carbs to sleep on. Carbs are great for quickly usable energy, but you don’t really need that to hit the hay. Go for a protein shake that is low in sugar to overdoing it on unnecessary carbs.

Cup of Blueberries

Blueberries are tasty enough to feel sort of like a desert while giving you some filling fiber that will help take the edge off your hunger. Pair them with some Greek yogurt if you want to add in a protein boost without the added sugar.

Yogurt or Shake Cubes

If you can’t seem to end the night without a cold treat thanks to years of equating ice cream with dessert, you might want to try making your own frozen cubes of yogurt, shakes, etc. You can make them ahead of time and then have the pre portioned cubes to pop into a dish whenever you please.

Hummus and Crackers

If you don’t feel like it’s a real snack unless there is some crunch involved, go for a few multigrain crackers topped with hummus or dunk in some pretzels. Just keep in mind that it’s a snack and not a meal to keep the portions under control.


Another good option for crunch lovers is some air popped popcorn. Pop your own so that you can skip out on the butter and salt that’s pre added to the bags, and then season with something like nutritional yeast or cayenne pepper.

Dried Figs

Any type of fruit is a good option for a late night sweet snack, but a few dried figs can make things more interesting. Being dried they are going to be chewy and full of flavor. Pair a couple with a slice of cheese for an added protein boost.

Spoonful of Peanut Butter

There is nothing quite as decadent as eating a spoonful of peanut butter, even though it can also be totally healthy. There’s something about that gooey texture that is just so rich. It also makes a great nighttime snack since it’s fulfilling and has enough fat and protein to keep you full without going overboard on the calories.


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