Delicious Cakes with Just Two Ingredients

Did you know that making a boxed cake is as easy as opening a can of soda? You’ve heard of 2-ingredient dough, but it’s time to learn about the 2-ingredient cake recipe! It only requires a can of soda and a cake mix. Better yet, there are all kinds of versions you can make for delicious moist cakes. And it’s vegan!

Making 2-Ingredient Soda Cake

What is soda cake? Growing up I remember having slices of Coca-Cola Cake that my grandma would make. Her version would include a can of Coke and other baking ingredients. This is not that type of soda cake! Here you’re taking a simple cake mix and mixing it with 12 oz of soda. That’s it, no other ingredients. Forget everything else listed on the box.

The boxed cake mixes are a great staple to have on hand for an easier dessert, but adding a can of your favorite carbonated beverage takes them to a whole new level. You don’t need the eggs, butter, oil, or water. Just the beverage. Best of all, it’s cutting your baking time as well which means you get to eat the cake faster!

Most of us have a box of cake mix somewhere in the cupboards, but when the mood strikes for something sweet, do you have any of the other ingredients to actually make the cake? Sometimes the answer is no, especially if it’s in the middle of the night and the stores are closed. Trust us, we’ve been there! You can whip up a cake in no time, and it even makes great cupcakes too. Perfect for a summer treat!

Baking A “Healthier” Cake Option

While cake itself isn’t “healthy,” this method will let you make a healthier cake. If you’re trying to watch your fat and calories, this is an easier option than using eggs, oil, etc.  Making it a diet soda keeps it even trimmer. Of course, if you add a cream frosting, you’ll negate that but some things are worth it for a special occasion. Like a Friday.

To prepare the cake, just combine the packaged cake mix with 12 oz of your chosen soda. Then pour into a cake pan, and bake according to the directions listed on the box. Follow the same steps to do cupcakes.

Soda + Cake Mix = Delicious

Yellow Cake Mix and Chocolate Cake Mix

Let’s start with the classic: yellow cake. Yellow cake gets a nice boost from the addition of soda. Just take your box of yellow cake and mix it with your favorite soda.

This combination is best with any of the following: Diet 7-Up, 7-Up, Diet Sprite, and Sprite. It gives a nice zesty feel to the yellow cake’s sweetness.

On to my favorite, chocolate cake. Chocolate cake mix can be a real superstar when used in a soda cake recipe. Get the taste of a chocolate root beer float by mixing chocolate cake mix with Barq’s root beer (or your favorite root beer brand).  Of if you’re a fan of Cherry Dr. Pepper like me, mix it with a chocolate cake mix. You can also try the dark chocolate cake mix. If you just want a quick but light chocolate cake, you can’t go wrong with mixing the mix with a can of Diet Coke.

If you love the flavor of dark chocolate and orange, try mixing dark chocolate with a can of orange soda.

French Vanilla and Strawberry

French vanilla cake mix doesn’t get left out here with soda cake recipes. Try the creamsicle combo: French vanilla with your favorite orange soda brand. 

The other fruit-themed soda, grape, is just as good with French vanilla. Feeling bold? Mix a Barq’s raspberry cream soda with the French vanilla. Some cake lovers have even mixed a flavored Mtn. Dew with it!

Strawberry cake mix can be used with vanilla cream soda for a yummy strawberry shortcake taste. It’s also good with a can of Sprite or 7-Up.

Devil’s Food and Spice Cake

Although these two cakes may not be for every palette, there are certainly tasty combinations to try with your favorite soda.

The strong flavor of Coke is a nice match for the Devil’s Food Cake Mix. Diet Coke is great too and lets you feel like you’re getting away with a decadent treat.

Spice Cake will mix well with ginger ale.

Funfetti, White Cake, and Other Flavors

Funfetti and white cake are great with 7-Up or Sprite. You can also combine the white cake with an orange soda, cherry soda, or any other fruit soda. Fruity cakes will do well with the lemon-lime sodas. Lemon cake will always do nicely with 7-Up or Sprite, but isn’t too bad with cherry soda either.

Angel food pairs nicely with a cherry soda. Same with an orange soda. Have a box of cherry chip? It’s great with Cherry Dr. Pepper for a very merry cherry combo.

Optional Toppings and Mix-Ins

These combinations are great on their own, but you can also add in bits of fruits to the cakes.

If you’re trying to watch your calories and the cake itself is the indulgence, try topping it with a light or fat-free whipped cream. You can also make a light cream cheese frosting.

Light Cream Cheese Frosting


  • 1 8 oz package of cream cheese
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 ½ cups of heavy whipping cream
  • ⅛ teaspoon of salt


  • Beat whipping cream until it peaks, then set aside.
  • Combine cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, and salt in a bowl, beating until smooth.
  • Add in whipped cream, beat to combine.


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